Awsome, it’s one of my favourite things – I’ve only had to have surgery 3 times in my life, all as an adult.

Yay, surgery, time off work, and special care from people way smarter than me.
I work at 4 different jobs and I’m a dad of young kids, my time off is limited.
Surgery is a great excuse for a break, no one can say “slacking off today I see” -when you are fast asleep on the operating table while someone is hammering at your femur with mallet.
You get wheeled into theatre after having been given a premed which makes you feel drunk. Then some nice people give you more drugs and put a mask on your face; it’s all smiles and professionalism.
Quick as a wink you awake groggy — to more smiles and waves from well-paid professionals, then —needing more sleep — you have another kip.
At some point it hurts — you push the PCA (patient controlled analgesia) button, and, guess what — more sleep.
Seriously, what’s not to like about surgery — the worst case scenario is that they may kill you, but the beauty is (as I have rationalised before operations) that you will not know it. You will go to sleep and never wake up — I’ve seen way worse deaths than that.
Some will say my experience is fortunate — and it is — but it’s all I have to go by.
So surgery is awesome.

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